Category "Writing & Publishing"

  • Fundamentals of Technical Writing

    If you enjoy writing and love a challenge, technical writing just might be a career for you. Our Fundamentals of Technical Writing course exposes you to all aspects of this form of writing, including how to translate technical documents into everyday language that people will understand. Technical writing requires writing, editing, and rewriting since clear writing is often the product of several revisions. We cover the basics of drafting documents, becoming a master of a particular subject matter, different writing habits, and tools of the trade, including image and publishing software.
  • Writing Books for Children

    How many children open their closet doors expecting to find Narnia, or the beasts from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are? This course explores a variety of books for children and young adults to identify the cornerstone of the classics—good story telling. This course illustrates for aspiring authors what it takes to write, edit, and publish your books for children.   
  • Effective Editing

    The world of book production has changed drastically for the fiction and non-fiction writer. In today’s world of publishing, the intense competition for the attention of publishers and readers means you are pretty much on your own as far as the editing of your book, especially as a first time writer. In this course, Effective Editing, we discuss the information you need to proofread your material so you eliminate the grammar and spelling errors that are so distracting to your readers. But editing is about much more than a simple proofread.
  • Grant Writing 101

    Grant Writing is at the heart of the nonprofit world, and Grant Writers remain in high demand. Philanthropy has remained strong in the United States. From large funders such as Bill and Melinda Gates to small funders, Grant Writers seek to secure funds for individuals. The Grant Writer provides a crucial connection between the person seeking grants and funders. Our course will allow students to gain a full understanding of grant writing from identifying potential grant seekers needing someone to write their grants to finding funders and building your own grant writing business.